Get out of that rut!

2020-05-06 09.31.17
Laura Steventon

Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist & Coach

  • Do you feel as though you've got to a place in your life and thought "how did this end up being my life?"
  • Do you have habits or addictions that are not serving you?
  • Do you feel less confident and self-assured than you once were?
  • Do you feel disillusioned, demotivated or just completely fed up?
  • Are you constantly exhausted and yet still can't get good sleep, even if you get 8 hours?

You're in the right place.

I treat clients who have one or more reasons that seem to be preventing them from living a life filled with energy, joy or satisfaction.

As an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and Coach, I use a number of strategies and tools to help you work towards the life you want to create or move away from those things that may be holding you back. I treat clients via Telehealth online or in person.

One of the most difficult steps you're likely to take is getting in touch, that's why I offer a free confidential chat over the phone or online to see if I am the right therapist or coach for you. That way you have nothing to lose. You don't have to feel nervous or look me in the eye even. We just chat about where you are at, why you want to change, discuss how ready you may be to change and you are able to ask any and as many questions as you like connected to the process and sessions.


Available Services


Habit Breaking

Life Coaching


Weight Loss

Fertility Enhancement

Burnout & Stress

Confidence & Self Esteem

Low Mood