My pet peeve: "....That's how we've always done it." or "We tried something like that before, it didn't work." 


Doing business in today's economy is not the same as it was in the past. If you're not learning every day - monitoring, adapting, testing - then it's possible you could become a Polaroid, or a Blockbusters story too.


If you're happy with the status quo and are not comfortable with risk, then sit back and watch the industry change right before your eyes.


The exciting thing about the Spa & Wellness industry right now, is that it's ripe for disruption and change and it's already started.


The choice is yours if you're in or watching.



20 years experience in the Wellness Industry and a passion for helping you thrive!

Hey, welcome - I'm Laura

I have 2 passions: 1. All things Wellness related and 2. Business Trends & Strategies

The types of clients I work with are:

  • Product Distribution Businesses
  • Spas & Resorts
  • Wellness Clinics
  • Single site operators & entrepreneurs in the spa, wellness & beauty space

My career has been broad and varied.

Wellness Trends

My experience has seen me work in almost every segment of the industry: From beauty therapist to National Operations Manager of 16 sites to Project & Development Manager of South Africa's leading Spa Group, to National Sales Manager of 2 leading professional brands, to setting up and managing a subsidiary for an advanced skincare brand in the UK to managing 2 of the biggest maritime Spa operator accounts for the UK's leading cruise company and establishing their own luxury wellness brand offering.

On top of that, I have also owned and operated my own franchised networking business, online training & development business, massage and hypnotherapy businesses.

Learning is something I value highly, each year I take on a new course to complete - this helps to keep me relevant and moving along with the business world of today.

Working with me will provide you with solutions and strategies to help you outwit the competition and stay relevant. We will sift through the trends that you feel pressured to implement as that's "what the market demands" and stay true to your brand and message. If you don't know what that is, then we will work through that first.

There'll be no more "off the cuff" promotions, knee-jerk reactions, adding more services, products that don't sell or move but take up time learning.

We'll focus on your profit plan, bringing your business alive, carving your own path.





More About Me

  • I never want to live a life that doesn't include pilates
  • The mind, mindset, motivation, beliefs inspire me
  • Walking is my meditation
  • Quality skincare, bath products and probiotics are luxuries I won't skimp on
  • I'm a total book nerd, I'll have no less than 3 books on the go at 1 time.
  • I'll try something just for the joy of learning
  • I am a crazy mad country music fan
  • Actually I just love music for the instant shift it provides
  • Beautiful scents and beautiful fabrics are essential for creating beautiful spaces