“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs are people who have come alive.”

Howard Thurman

Everyone has limitless potential within them but so often we hold ourselves back through our fears, phobias, anxieties and beliefs.

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Having overcome some of my own limiting beliefs, fears and anxieties and finding that my quality of life was far better, I re-trained as a clinical hypnotherapist in 2012, then obtained my advanced diploma in 2017.

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone get to the other side of their fear to realise their dreams or fulfil their potential. When they let their inner light shine and a more confident them emerges. That is why I do what I do.

My favourite quote, above, could not be more true. People who have overcome what has been keeping them playing small or not achieving their most heartfelt desires have this type of magnetism that draws positive situations and people to them. They believe in themselves and find love within themselves and that is where the power lies. Even when faced with a new obstacle to overcome, they find that they are more equipped to deal with it.

That is what hypnotherapy does, it gives you new tools and methodologies to help you cope and overcome the things that may be keeping you stuck in your life. The great thing is that it doesn’t take long either. Sometimes it happens in one session, other times it takes a few more, everyone is different and at a varying state of being ready to change. It is the commitment to yourself that makes the difference.

Within hypnotherapy I am here to guide you, I don’t “fix” or “heal” you; I help you to tap into the parts of you that can do that for yourself. I am so passionate about people finding the spark inside them and helping to catalyse that into a flame that burns brightly, in turn lighting up the world around them, one moment at a time.

My services are not location-dependent, as I work fully online.


Qualifications and Further Education

  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy
  • Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • L1: BWRT
  • Diploma in NLP & Coaching
  • Certificate in Stress Management
  • CPD: How to lift depression fast
  • CPD: Authoritarian Motivational Weightloss
  • CPD: Addiction Therapy Diploma
  • CPD: Journaling Therapy Diploma
  • CPD: Fertility Hypnosis
  • CPD: Broadband for the Brain
  • CPD: Sports Hypnosis
  • CPD: Future Life Progression
  • CPD: Warrior Settler, Nomad
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“Knowing who you are, understanding what you want for your life and accepting yourself is your true power.”

Laura Steventon

Additionally, I hold diplomas and qualifications in:

  1. Advanced Aesticienne, Aromatherapy & Reflexology
  2. Higher Diploma in Business Management
  3. Performance Consultant Certificate with Talent Dynamics
  4. I have obtained many massage, skincare & nutrition certificates
  5. I have achieved Reiki Masters Level
  6. I have done many business training workshops in marketing & strategy.

I am a great believer in the mind/body connection. I have found it very beneficial to apply all my knowledge to helping someone with what presents as a problem of the mind, with taking a fully holistic view of how to heal themselves. Our body systems are so intricately related and codependent that it is impossible to ignore all possible solutions to a problem.

I never stop learning, seeking knowledge, inspiration and integrating it into my own unique style.

In my career, I have held responsibility for over £30m in revenue and worked for both startups, mid-sized and corporate companies. I have also coached a variety of entrepreneurs and senior-level people.


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Wellness and wellbeing, although the buzz words of the moment, are not just concepts to me. It is something that I have been passionate about for over 20 years.

As part of my own self-care and stress management strategies and routine, I walk between 35 to 50km each week, I meditate daily, I do weights and resistance exercise 3 to 4 times per week, I eat 3 small regular meals with 2 snacks between. I take responsibility for my own internal health by tracking my internal stats and biomarkers. I undertake supervision to assist with letting go of anything hindering my progress forward.

In other words, I don't give guidance and advice without taking it myself.

E.T, Female, 29

"Seriously life-changing! I have no hesitation in recommending her."


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L.S. Male,29

"You have absolutely changed my life! Thank you!"

More About Me

  • I never want to live a life that doesn't include pilates
  • The mind, mindset, motivation, beliefs inspire me
  • Walking is part of my meditation
  • Quality skincare, bath products and probiotics are luxuries I won't skimp on
  • I'm a total book nerd, I'll have no less than 3 books on the go at 1 time.
  • I'll try something just for the joy of learning
  • I love music for the instant shift it provides