Business Audit

Good for established businesses

The past informs the future

What is this for?

Assessing your business model for profit: specifically does each service, product, affiliate support each other, which are more profitable, where are the opportunities.

Assessing your clientele and database for segmentation and mining to be more targeted, personalised and profitable

Assessing your marketing, branding, promotions, pricing, margins, placements

Reviewing, analysing and recommending the way forward to support your vision

Why do this?

  • 1 You are busy but not making as much money as you'd like, but feel there's no time to add anything
  • 2 You want to find opportunities that already exist in your business before adding new items
  • 3 You want to be informed before you work on your profit plan for the new year
  • 4 You want to understand your database better.
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What's the process?

  • 1 We have an initial free consultation to assess whether this is the right service for you.
  • 2 You complete the audit review document
  • 3 We have a call to confirm any questions I may have on what you have submitted.
  • 4 I analyse all documents, pulling out trends, patterns, opportunities, risks
  • 5 We have another call to discuss the findings, opportunities and what the potential is
  • 6 You receive a way forward action plan tailored to your business


  • 1 You will know the most lucrative areas of your business to focus on​
  • 2 You will better understand your client base segments with ideas on how to further service them
  • 3 You will have clearer idea of where to spend your money for better return on investment
  • 4 You will be clearer on your marketing assets, which ones to repeat, when to anniversary promos, which to retire.
  • 5 You will understand your business trends and have clearer picture of where you need more focus
  • 6 You will have clarity on moving your business forward
  • 7 You will know if you have gaps or too much going on

Investment - £375

Are you ready to design a more profitable way forward?

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