Consulting Solutions

I offer two solutions for Consulting:

  1. Short-term, specific outcome projects and
  2. More in-depth senior management roles, as a non-exec in your business.

The benefit of using my services for your business is that you get experienced senior management level input without the statutory commitments and the size of the salary that would come with this level of work and input.

It's ideal for small businesses, looking to expand or entering into a new phase of growth.

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1. Project Work

Whether you need a different type of expertise or you don't have the time to do it yourself, project work may be the exact solution you were looking for. 

Generally short-term in nature and focused on a specific outcome, we will set objectives, time frames with agreed outcomes. 

Some of the type of projects that I have undertaken in the past include:

  1. Annual Profit Plans
  2. 'Brand Bible' Creation
  3. Dynamic Price Modelling
  4. Strategic Marketing Plans
  5. New Programme Creation 
  6. Future-focused Programme Planning
  7. Competitive Analysis & Opportunities
  8. 3 Year Plan 
  9. Trend Analysis & your business
  10. Sales Plans 
  11. Website Audits 
  12. New Service Opportunities
  13.  New Experience & Sensory Room Creation
  14.  Website Planning & Layout 
  15. Software Recommendations for automation, appointment booking, membership platforms, online training platforms, etc

Good for Product Businesses, Hotel Spas, Wellness Resorts, Maritime Spas, Fitness Boutiques, Destination Retreats, Meditation/Yoga Studios

Great for new and already established businesses



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2. Non-Exec Opportunities

Perhaps you need someone more invested in the success of your business than consulting or coaching will give you. 

That's where hiring me either as a Non-Exec Director or as a part-time,  senior member of your team on retainer could add value. 

Have me on hand to:

  • troubleshoot operational issues
  • provide strategic direction
  • provide performance feedback
  • lead & drive new projects
  • attend board meetings
  • analyse business performance
  • manage a business unit
  • and most importantly provide objectivity in your business. 

From 1 - 5 days per month, depending on what your business needs.

You will get:

  • All the expertise you need, without the statutory commitments and benefits
  • Fresh perspective
  • Someone to keep focused on the goal without the day to day detail clouding the vision

It's quite simply the easiest way to get all the benefits you need in a very cost-effective manner. 

Good for Small businesses, Hotels, Resorts, Wellness boutiques, Product based businesses, E-commerce Businesses, Spa Operators, business owners with big growth plans. 

Great for new and already established businesses. 

Want to chat to me about any of these opportunities?

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