Service Fees

Consultation 15 - 30 mins
Initial Appointment up to 2 hours
Subsequent Appointment up to 75 mins

I spend time ensuring that each session is bespoke and tailored to your individual needs and as such my prices reflect not only the time we are together but the time that I spend prepping for our sessions together.


The number of sessions varies from situation to situation; this will be mapped out and discussed at your initial appointment.

Whilst I cannot make guarantees or promises that I can fix you or completely eradicate your conditions, I do guarantee that I will provide a service that utilises the best techniques for your unique circumstances. Therapy is a commitment from both of us and your commitment is the implementation of what we discuss in session to take the steps to move forward.

Due to the nature of my work, fees are to be paid in advance of your initial booking via bank transfer or paypal. Details will be provided at time of booking.

I ask that you are respectful of both of our times and that if you cannot make a session that you provide a minimum of 48 hours notice. Anything less than this, will results in a 50% cancellation fee as I would not have had ample opportunity to refill your time slot.

Late arrival to your appointment will result in a shorter appointment time without a reduction in fee.


Professional Associations

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