Clinical Hypnotherapy

There are innumerable conditions that can be assisted with hypnotherapy. Primarily, contrary to popular belief, hypnotherapy is action orientated in a passive manner. This means that hypnotherapy is in many cases most successful when the person requiring hypnosis is ready to make the change and in some instances put in the work required to assist themselves.  In saying this though, that is not always the case, many times, hypnotherapy can assist you to build the motivation you need or give you tools to explore the root causes.

There are however some instances when hypnotherapy should not be undertaken and these include:

  • When someone is under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • When someone has serious psychiatric disorders
  • When someone has epilepsy
  • When someone has serious heart conditions and/or pacemaker
  • Someone with severe depression, there are other talking therapies more suitable
  • Someone with comprehension issues
  • Anyone suffering from dementia


If you have a condition that you are unsure whether can be treated with hypnotherapy or not, then please get in touch for us to discuss it and I will be open and honest as to what I can do with you or not. In most situations I will try to find an alternative solution if I am unable to assist.