Waiting List

Maybe you thought it wouldn't exactly be easy, but it definitely wouldn't be this hard!

Maybe you've started to doubt yourself and your own ability to actually get to the next level or finally break even.

When does the sipping margaritas on the beach, flying business class, meeting kickass people you admire, all whilst the business keeps on bringing in the cash start to kick in?

What actually makes people raving fans of a brand that they sell your products for you?

Shees, yea I hear you!

I used to wonder why could I be so kick ass at my corporate career and yet being an entrepreneur was simply just kicking my butt!

The time I wasted, figuring out my sales funnels from my down sales and started using the knowledge I had that helped grow my client's businesses. That innate wisdom I had built up over my 20-year career of working with some of the top brands in the world and I dissected their routes to success. That's when it all started to turn around. My clients got more clarity and I started to use what I already knew to help them grow.

Struggle no more

You see - I love (like nothing gives me more pleasure) than seeing brands grow and products sell. I like to make the steps as easy as possible, so you can implement and not get hung up on the how.

I've created my own formula for helping you stand out and sell out, profitably.

If you are a product owner of a beauty or wellness related brand and you want to stop stressing and wasting precious time, then jump on my waitlist today.

I will be launching a 12-week group coaching programme in the Autumn and those who get on the list now will qualify for the beta price.

Don't spend another minute fretting about where the next sale is going to come from.

Take action and get on that waitlist today!


Get on the Waiting list today!

Join other entrepreneurs like you ready to take action to create a brand that stands out and sells out

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Here is what some of my clients say about me:


Emmaline Tsui

Founder, Tsui.life & Expert Facialist

"Since working with Laura, I am so much more aware of branding and marketing, I think twice about everything from writing, images, even my outfits! I have got so much confidence from our meetings and think so many other people can benefit from them too. Seriously life-changing stuff! Laura Steventon has changed the way I run my business - in the best way ever! I have no hesitation in recommending her."

Harmonious Nutrition

Rebecca Neal

Founder, Harmonius Nutrition

"I had no hesitation in working with Laura as she came highly recommended. Since working with Laura I have direction and have loved seeing my vision and brand come to life. Laura managed to make sense of my thoughts and get them down on paper and go above and beyond expectations. The whole experience was fantastic, I really enjoyed working with Laura from a professional and personal perspective "